Noise Engineering

Get out of the box -- and back in

Noise Engineering is a Eurorack and 5U modular synthesizer manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. 

Now your favorite Noise Engineering modules are available as Rack Extensions for Reason. Get back into the box!

Synth Bundle 1 includes three of your favorite oscillators — at a package discount!

Synth Bundle 2 is also available in the PH Shop! Synth Bundle 2 includes SIX of your favorite NE oscillators, but makes them even more wild and crazy with the addition of an ADSR envelope, a VCA/LPG section, and Resonance control. SB2 includes

And don’t forget to check out Refills for both bundles made by LectricPanda!

Want to know more about what you can do with the Noise Engineering Rack Extensions?

To give you an idea of the versatility of these REs, check out the winning tracks from the Noise Engineering Song Challenge 2! All songs used with permission.

Swedish Sound Division: Blip Blip. Find Swedish Sound Division on SoundCloud

DZM: Holiday Haze

Find @DoezMr on Twitter, SoundCloud, and all other platforms!

Yes! And It’s American Asphalt! by Rare Shadow

Find Rare Shadow on SoundCloud!

Noise Engineering is proudly located in Los Angeles, CA