Minimal Mixed Signal Eurorack Modules

Basimilus Iteritas

Analog inspired parametrized digital percussion

Basimilus - small foundation - from Latin basos 'foundation' with suffix -lus 'small'


Iteritas - repetitiousness - from Latin itero 'repeat' with suffix -tas 'state of being'


"small foundation of repetitiousness"


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"quirky in all the right ways" - DJ Surgeon


"off the hook" - Richard Devine

Zularic Repetitor

Dynamic Rhythm Generator

Zularic -  of Zulu - from Zulu Zulu  'the Zulu people' often misused to represent all people of Africa


Repetitor - repeater -from Latin repetito "repetition" with suffix -tor forming a noun "thing which repeats"


"African repeater"


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Numeric Repetitor

Dynamic Rhythm Generator

Numeric -  of Numbers - from Latin Numerus  'Number'


Repetitor - repeater -from Latin repetito "repetition" with suffix -tor forming a noun "thing which repeats"


"Number repeater"


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Variatic Erumption

Dual burst generator with 1v/8va LFO

Variatic - about changing - from Latin varius 'changing' with suffix -ic 'pertaining to'


Erumption - explode - from Latin erump 'to explode'


"Changing explosion"


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Ataraxic Translatron

Classic arcade sounds in the eurorack format.

Ataraxic - pertaining to a lucid state of robust tranquility - from Greek Ataraxia  with suffix -ic 'pertaining to'


Translatron - transfer machine - compounded from Latin translatio 'transfer' and Latin trone 'weighing machine'


"tranquility transfer machine"


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Sinclastic Empulatrix

Exponential Attack-Release envelope generator combined with a clamping VCA in 4HP.

Sinclastic - stolen treasure - from Old English sinc 'treasure', from Greek clastic 'easily removable'


Empulatrix - - from Javanese empu 'an honorific title for craftsmen' with suffix -trix from Proto-Indo-European  forming a feminine noun with a negative connotation


"stolen treasure from a bad craftswoman"

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"Cilantro" - Aaron Funk aka Venetian Snares

Variatic Basicus

6 switches in 8 HP


Variatic - of changing - from latin varius 'changing' with suffix -ic "pertaining to"


Basicus - from Baseck a stage name of an early 21st century electronic artist with suffix -icus meaning 'belonging to'


"Baseck's changing"

The Variatic Basicus gets so much love in my small system. I mostly use it to have dedicated triggers to reset sequencers, and to go bonkers tapping out wild rhythms with percussion sounds. I've been waiting for a module like this! - Baseck

The Mullet

Small active multiplexer

The Mullet - Stylish - from English, a popular hair cut

Four input, eight output active multiple with circular normaling in 4HP.


Some things never go out of style.

Quantic Fictus

Passive Stereo Splitter

Quantic - quantity - from Latin quantus 'how many' with suffix -ic 'pertaning to'


Fictus - small extent - from Hungarian Fict 'extent' -aus diminutive


"A small extent of quantity"

Quantic Fictus is a simple 2hp splitter for stereo signals into mono. It was built specifically to interface with the Keith McMillan Qu-Nexus but can be used for any sort of stereo interfacing. It is passive so can also be used to combine mono signals into stereo.


Adigo Metric

Passive Stereo Splitter

Adigo - to drive - from Latin ad 'toward' and ago 'make'


Metric - measure - from Latin metricus "of measure"


"Drive Measure"

Front panel voltage meter for monitoring system health. Also provides bi-directional access to the CV and Gate bus along with LED monitoring of the buses.


Coming 2015



Mimetic Sequent is 6HP a randomized pitch sequencer that allows analog control over the amount of randomization of multiple different (switchable) pitch patterns.





Loquelic Iteritas is a 10HP digital dual oscillator including three separate synthesis algorithms: VOSIM, Summation Synthesis, Phase Modulation with adjustible waveform and a wave folder.



Tonnetz Sequent is an 8HP gate driven pitch sequencer based off of neo-Riemanian music theory. Gates drive musical transforms in the dihedral group on triads.



Sinc Iter is a 4HP VCO with adjustible waveform, two digital noise sources, 23 octave range, sync, phase modulation and built in 12-tet quantizer.



Variatic Sequent is a simple minimal gate sequencer in 6HP.



Horologic Solum is a 4HP master clock with built in divider that is behind panel chainable to additional Horologic Solums for more division.