Noise Engineering

Get out of the box

Noise Engineering is a Eurorack and 5U modular synthesizer manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. 

Noise Engineering is character in a small footprint. Digital when it works, analog when it works. Exploring new sound spaces to help broaden the universe of musical tone in the context of a proper interactive interface.

We strive to put as much functionality into as small a package as we can. 

Our modules are designed by us in sunny Los Angeles, California.

Stephen McCaul

 Stephen playing Modular on the Spot.  Photo (c) Alan Davis. See more @alandavisphoto

Stephen playing Modular on the Spot.

Photo (c) Alan Davis. See more @alandavisphoto

Stephen has always been a student of music, but has degrees in math and video game design. Prior to starting Noise-E, he worked in game audio for 10 years, publishing and presenting internationally on the topic. Noise Engineering was born when a friend reintroduced him to the world of modular synth. On a whim, he assembled a quick prototype of an LFSR oscillator roughly based on the TIA, plugged it into a friend's system and he was hooked. Many prototypes later he had his first product: Ataraxic Translatron.

Stephen is in charge of all things software, and is slowly handing the non-software stuff off to Kris.

 An early prototype

An early prototype

Kris Kaiser

 Kris playing Modular on the Spot.  Photo (c) Alan Davis. See more @alandavisphoto

Kris playing Modular on the Spot.

Photo (c) Alan Davis. See more @alandavisphoto

Kris comes from a family of musicians and from an early age was interested in music herself. She engineered her first album while still in high school. Although she ended up pursuing her love of science, she never strayed too far from sound: her PhD and subsequent research focused (mostly) on frog calling behavior and the effect of the acoustic environment on animals. If you ever need to know anything about recording frog calls or traffic noise, she's your girl. She left the world of academia behind in 2016 to join Noise-E full time.

When not modularizing, Kris is on instagram @la_sunset_cocktail making beverages and watching sunsets. 

Read the kind of stuff she used to do here.

Kris is in charge of all things non-engineering, and is slowly taking on various aspects of anything that is not programming. 

Stephen + Kris


Stephen and Kris met in the Daily Pint, a bar in Santa Monica, in 2007 and never really looked back after that. They married in 2011. When not modularing, they enjoy good food and drink, travelling, and hanging out with their rescue pitbulls, George and Daisy (follow them on instagram @georgendaisy).

 Daisy knows who is boss.

Daisy knows who is boss.

 George just wants to be loved.

George just wants to be loved.

The Evolution of Noise Engineering: History!

Noise Engineering started in the office Stephen and Kris shared many moons ago. Once upon a time, it was confined to just a desk, a pilfered o-scope, and a Looney Toons mug.

Moving up -- Noise-E upgraded to its own room when we moved and took over substantially more space (and made our own mugs).

Noise-E today has expanded again. Stephen's lab is larger than ever, and Kris' "corner office" (with views of downtown LA and the Hollywood sign) are a great way to work. 


No chair, but there's a dog bed. That's how we roll.

Noise Engineering is proudly located in Los Angeles, CA