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Get out of the box

Need a case?

Skein Modular: Gorgeous wood cases. Make great 60HP cases.

Elite Modular Cases: durable cases in 3, 6, 12, and 18u.

Submodular Systems: lightweight, durable 6u cases


A few of our favorite modular performers



Colin Benders

Richard Devine

Oliver Dodd

Martin Gore


Christophe Beck

Anthony Baldino

Matt Lange

DJ Surgeon


Aaron Funk

Bana Haffar


Other Modular Resources

Modular Grid: All the things are here. Use this site to put together your dream case -- will it fit? How much power will it use? Also a wealth of information and a marketplace for Eurorack.


The Synth Library: Awesome spot in Portland, OR to learn about modular synth. Workshops, open library hours, and community. If you are in the area, please check them out and support them!


Muffwiggler: The biggest modular synth forum out there.


Modular on the Spot: Local, low-key, outdoor modular performances. Started here in Los Angeles, and now popping up around the world. 


Ladies of Modular: Because there are a lot more ladies (and non-binary) folks in modular than people recognize. #thefutureisfemale



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