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Noise Engineering is a Eurorack and 5U modular synthesizer manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. 

Integra Funkitus

Dynamic Rhythm Modifier


Size: 8HP Eurorack

Depth: 1 Inch

Power: 2x5 Eurorack

Draw +12V: 50 mA

Draw -12: 5 mA

MSRP: $222 US

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Integra - integrate - from Latin integrar "to integrate"

Funkitus - agitation disease - from Flemish fonck "agitation" with suffix -itus from the Greek -itis denoting a disease

"integrating agitation disease"

integra funkitus

A lovely tutorial made by user Frequency Fodder. This video highlights the Integra Funkitus in Trigger Mode (T) where the knobs determine the probability that an input gate will pass through to the output channel.

The inimitable James Cigler runs down a rig used for a pretty complicated and gorgeous patch in which IF plays a pretty key rhythmic role: 

Noise Engineering is proudly located in Los Angeles, CA