Make your modules work for you.

Utilities: the secret to making your patches function for you. Whether you need clock multiplication and division, CV attenuation and offset, or a new tactile control for your performances, look no further than Noise Engineering utilities.

Muta Jovis quad mute black Eurorack module with stylized industrial art connecting four switches and LEDs at top and jacks at the bottom. | Noise Engineering

Switchable four-channel mute and mult

Three-channel Eurorack stroboscopic tuner with patch-through in black | Soleo Vero by Noise Engineering

Three-channel stroboscopic tuner with patch-through. Tune silently!

Four-channel buffered attenuator and mult with LEDs for Eurorack in black | Sinc Defero by Noise Engineering

Four-channel buffered attenuator and mult. Oh, and LEDs!

Sono Abitus balanced TRS output Eurorack module in black with stylized art, with two knobs and LEDs at top and 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch jacks at bottom | Noise Engineering

Stereo balanced ¼” TRS output and ¼” headphone output with separate level controls in 4 HP

Multimode CV generator & LFO Eurorack module in black | Clep Diaz by Noise Engineering

Multimode CV generator & LFO in 4HP

Four-channel performance attenuverter/attenuator with faders and offset for Eurorack in black | Lapsus Os by Noise Engineering

Four-channel performance attenuverter/attenuator and offset

Pons Asinorum Eurorack module in black with buttons and knob at top and jacks at bottom | Noise Engineering

Four-channel voltage-controlled envelope generator and LFO

Quantus Pax quad transposer/precision adder in black with 15 jacks | Noise Engineering

4-channel transposable precision adder

Sinc Bucina resonant lowpass gate black Eurorack module with industrial art with two knobs, LEDs, and a switch at top and jacks at bottom | Noise Engineering

Resonant lowpass gate with variable filter slope, RC-envelope generator, and slew

Quantus Ampla black VCA Eurorack module with amplify/attenuate switches at top and jacks on bottom | Noise Engineering

Four channels of linear DC-coupled goodness in 6hp for all your VCA needs: ducking, mixing, CV-controlled leveling, and more!

Vice Virga sequential switch Eurorack module with momentary, knob and behavior switches on top and jacks and LEDs on bottom with black panel | Noise Engineering

8-input, 8-output configurable and flexible sequential/addressable switch with manual, trigger, and CV control

Four-input attenuverting CV mixer with four inputs and pots and one output in black  | Roti Pola by Noise Engineering

Four-input attenuverting CV mixer

The dynamics processor of your dreams: stereo-in, stereo-out on a DSP/oscillator platform for Eurorack in black. | Librae Legio and the World of Legio by Noise Engineering

Creative stereo dynamics processor of your dreams.

Polydactyl Versio in black Eurorack compressor module with knobs at top and jacks at bottom. | Noise Engineering

Stereo-in, stereo-out multiband dynamics processor and saturator on a DSP platform

Xer Dualis 4-channel mixer with mutes and clip LED in 6 HP in black. Switches and knobs are on the bottom with jacks on top | Noise Engineering

Compact four-channel stereo mixer

Sinc Pravus 4hp offset and mult in black with knobs and LEDs at top and jacks at bottom | Noise Engineering

Configurable quad offset in 4HP

Quantus Trajecta Polyphonic envelopes made simple in 10HP black Eurorack module with knobs and LEDs on top and jacks on bottom plus two switches and a hold button | Noise Engineering

Quad polyphony-oriented envelope with jammable universal controls

Four-channel trigger/gate/clock processor with three modes for Eurorack in black | Jam Jam by Noise Engineering

Four-channel trigger/gate/clock processor with three modes

Roucha Legio Eurorack filter in black with three knobs on top, two switches in the middle, and eight jacks on bottom with white art | Noise Engineering

Filter. Fold. Feedback. (F)bypass. A multimode filter for Legio.