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Noise Engineering is a Eurorack and 5U modular synthesizer manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. 

Guest Post: Joey Blush on Making Living, Breathing Techno

This week, I got to talk (via interwebs) with Joey Blush. We met Joey at Superbooth a couple of years ago but his brand of techno is some of my favorite. If you haven’t seen his Boiler Room set you should.

I asked Joey to talk about what brought him to modular and and how he uses it to make some of the best damned techno out there.

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Modular tips: How to Succeed in Breakbeats Without Really Trying

This is part of a series of tutorials based on user questions and fun ideas. Are you new to modular and have a question about Eurorack? Are you an advanced user and have burning technical questions?  Please submit ideas here.

First, introductions are in order. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll have seen that we have a new employee. Markus Cancilla (on Instagram as Deathof9). Markus will be filling in on lots of blog posts as one of his many responsibilities around here.

This week, we talk Breakbeats.

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Guest Post: Tom Hall on 5U: Using the Magnuses (Magna?)

This week we talk to Tom Hall.  You probably know him; we haven’t met anyone who doesn’t.  You may know him from his hugely diverse range of projects around the LA area, because he’s an incredibly nice guy, or simply from his most important role in life, being father to Zelda.

Tom also put together the demo videos for our new 5U series modules.  Today we talk a bit more about the jam he put together for us that uses both Manis Iteritas Magnus and Basimilus Iteritas Magnus.

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Guest Post: Rheyne Revisited -- LIP loves DFAM

If you’ve been paying attention to Noise Engineering blog for a while, you may be familiar with Rheyne. Also known as his alter ego, Jon Barbieri, he did a great guest post about a year ago and has been posting amazing stuff all over Facebook and Youtube and, well, all the places for a while. We were chatting recently and we batted around the idea for a follow-up post.

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Modular Cases! Guest post...and the Blog lives.

We talk to a lot of modular users.  People interested in modular are trying to find that first case.  People who have been doing modular for a while are always on the lookout for another case for their ever-expanding collection of modules.

We considered tackling this question but realized that our friend Shawn is a far better go-to for all things cases.  Shawn has an impressive array of cases, but most are done on a budget, as you will see. These are the ones we were particularly interested in (and that draw the most questions everytime we stand close to him at a gig).

We asked Shawn to talk a little about his custom cases, the quest that brought him to them, and how he puts a case together.  He’ll take it from here.

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Noise Engineering is proudly located in Los Angeles, CA