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Noise Engineering is a Eurorack and 5U modular synthesizer manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. 

Big News from the Noise Engineering Labs!

Question: what makes Noise Engineering modules sound even better?



Indeed!  Big news! Finally, at long, long last, NE is making the switch.  We’ve had so many of you lovely users (and retailers) reach out to us over the last year asking about black panels.  We haven’t been happy with how well we’ve served our users on this front. People want black modules.  We started making the replacement panels available but let’s face it, if you’re not in the US, the shipping is kind of ridiculous! So we’re making the leap.

We opted for this because we got so many requests, but also because the black panels are more durable, are incredibly badass, and we’ve even been told they sound better!

We will ask you, our beloved customers to have a little patience as we make this transition.  We hope this handy little guide will help understand how we are rolling this out.  Here’s how it will work.

The main points

  • The average user will only be affected in that black modules will slowly begin to infiltrate their favorite stores.

  • New modules will all be made with black panels as a default. Silver will still be available, both at retailers and our webstore. Silver replacement panels will be available as well. Black replacement panels will also remain available.

  • Edit: Also, these are indeed anodized metal panels!

The fine details  

  • Existing inventory paneled in silver will be sold as silver until it is exhausted and will not be repaneled; black modules (and replacement panels) for that inventory will continue to be available only at our store until that time (we do limited volume at our store, so printing the odd black panel here or there is workable). When we build more of a product, all future inventory built will be paneled in black and will become available to retailers. In short, retailers will get silver if it is currently in stock regardless of what they order until we move through silver inventory (so please be kind to your retailer -- until this transition is complete, they will have no say over what they get!).

  • To minimize confusion, MSRP on both colors will soon be the same.

We expect to be mostly through the transition by the end of the year, with the possible exception of a few outlier modules. Most modules will be available in black much sooner, including BIA, LI, and MI.

If you have any questions about this, please drop us a line!  We hope to make this as smooth as possible.

Noise Engineering is proudly located in Los Angeles, CA