Noise Engineering

Get out of the box

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ATARAXIC TRANSLATRON -- Classic arcade sounds

BASIMILUS ITERITAS / ALTER -- Analog-inspired digital percussion

CONFUNDO FUNKITUS -- Four-part probabilistic rhythm crossfader

CURSUS ITERITAS -- Dynamically generated wavetable oscillator

INTEGRA FUNKITUS -- Dynamic rhythm modifier

LOQUELIC ITERITAS -- Multiple-algorithm digital oscillator

MIMETIC SEQUENT/MULTIUM -- CV recorder and randomizer

NUMERIC REPETITOR -- Dynamic rhythm generator

SINCLASTIC EMPULATRIX -- Exponential attack-release envelope generator with clamping VCA

SINC ITER -- 23-octave multi-mode VCO

TONNETZ SEQUENT -- Rhythm-to-triad generator

VARIATIC ERUMPTION -- Dual-burst generator with 1v/8va LFO

ZULARIC REPETITOR -- Dynamic rhythm generator

Designed in Los Angeles, CA and made in Denver, CO